The best handheld leaf blowers to remove shed leaves from your garden!

Most of you might prefer buying the discounted leaf blower which costs near about thirty-five dollars, however, as you may be expecting, it’s not probable to offer much authority or endure much longer. This doesn’t signify that you have to give any of your body parts for an excellent blower, as our ranking and ratings are going to demonstrate.


We have incorporated the electric as well as the gas-driven leaf blowers but not cordless units as they are quite heavy owing to the battery and don’t work for longer periods. All the leaf blowers that have been shortlisted provide substantial performance that too for a good price. The finalists for the best leaf blowers have been provided below:

Greenworks Single Speed Electric Leaf Blower

The Greenworks leaf blower is probably going to be just the only machine to look at, due to its simplicity. The brand is also famous for providing the best hedge trimmers in the market. But simply, the leaf blower from Greenworks is just a point and shoot equipment for blowing those shed leaves away from your patch. Turning on the Greenworks to start the process is quite a straightforward procedure. It might not be excessively dominant, but it’s only 4.5 pounds in weight and chiefly excellent for the people with less physical capability. The owners admire this appliance and proclaim that it surely packs a punch!

Toro Ultra Variable-Speed Electric Leaf Vacuum

The electric Toro Ultra leaf blower has common returns and feedbacks with the Black & Decker, counting tool-free form altering. The adaptability provided through the changeable speed is supported by a superior variety of hoses and nozzles, permitting furthermore accurate preparations to go with diverse kinds of jobs. Some of the owners at first pondered that this may be more complication than the essential, however at last; approximately all clients discovered that they valued the suppleness of the product.

Husqvarna 2-Cycle X-Torq Gas Powered Back Pack

Provided that it contains a 50cc motor, you can anticipate the Husqvarna leaf blower to be quite weighty, but is near about 22.5 pounds. Though, it might disagree that the Husqvarna is, in fact, one of the most relaxed blowers mentioned in our list as the entire equipment is enclosed in an accommodating backpack. The clients put on this equipment and merely take the load of the nozzle and the handlebars in their hands. It is so large and powerful that it is extremely focused on performing an expert job.

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